How to schedule refills for therapies that ship to the prescriber's office

Prescribers can schedule patient prescription refills three ways:

1. Schedule via

To schedule refill shipments to the prescriber’s office using our prescriber website:

2. Fax

Using a Refill Shipment Request, you can complete the form and fax to the number indicated on the referral form.

3. Phone

To schedule refill shipments to the prescriber's office, please call 844-516-3319.

For circumstances listed below, please call 844-516-3319 or chat with an agent on MAP:

  • Order needed within 5 business days
  • Change of insurance or copay assistance
  • Shipment address is different for next fill
  • Change in drug, dose, strength
  • New Prescription or other changes
  • Discontinue shipments for this patient
  • Patient not recently seen by prescriber
  • No longer a patient
  • Every 6 months or once a year fill