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Mary Doholt

Behind the Scenes at Accredo: Spotlight on an Extraordinary Team

In today’s featured spotlight, we turn to another remarkable leader: Mary Dorholt, PharmD. In her role as managing director and clinical practice lead, Mary shapes Accredo’s patient care model. Her dedication to clinical excellence and her commitment to advancing patient care is at the heart of what we do at Accredo.
mother and daughter eating pancakes

A Caregiver’s Journey: Accredo team member shares story of resilience

Health care is filled with countless stories from caregivers, all inspiring and deeply moving, but some hit closer to home than others. One such story is that of *Janet and her daughter, Sarah. Janet, an Accredo team member for over a decade, had always been passionate about her work, serving clients who are providing for those in need of specialty medication. Little did she know that her personal life would become intertwined with her professional career in a profound way.
Meghan Pasicznyk, Vice President, Accredo Product

Behind the Scenes at Accredo: Spotlight on an Extraordinary Team

In today’s featured spotlight, we turn our attention to Meghan Pasicznyk, a prominent leader at Accredo who holds the position of vice president of product development. Join us as we explore how Meghan masterfully harmonizes her expertise in the realms of business and clinical acumen.
Patient and Clinician reviewing medication and supplies that were shipped.

How specialty pharmacies can make a difference

When a patient is diagnosed with a complex, chronic health condition, they may be prescribed a specialty medication. These medications often can’t be dispensed from a typical pharmacy and may require special handling and complex administration. That’s where specialty pharmacies come in.