Mar 14, 2024

Regina Jones, VP of Operations for Evernorth, is an unstoppable force in patient care and an inspirational leader to her team.

Mar 14, 2024
Regina Jones, VP of Operations, Evernorth

Innate drive for making an impact

Regina Jones recalls the day she embarked on her career after graduating college. Laying out a newspaper, she decided to seek an opportunity in health care, and two and a half decades later she feels like she hit the jackpot with her choice. Her deep sense of fulfillment comes from aligning her initial aspirations of being an educator with the all-important mission of helping patients at Accredo.

As the vice president of operations for Evernorth leading our Accredo operations team, Regina brings an abundance of experience and an equal amount of passion to her role. Her journey at Accredo began as a patient care advocate on the front lines of the organization, where she made a direct impact in patients’ lives. Driven by her desire to make a difference, she continued to advance to the role of vice president, underscoring her commitment to the company’s mission and values.

In addition to making a difference in patients’ lives, Regina sees each day as remarkable because of the team she feels fortunate to lead. Their collective passion for serving patients, executing benefit plans, and earning the trust of Accredo’s partners drives her enthusiasm. Working with individuals characterized by integrity, character, and a shared commitment to a greater purpose fuels Regina’s dedication to her role.

Motivation anchored in team’s passion

As the vice president of operations, her role’s mission is a main source of motivation. Every interaction, whether it’s a phone call, face-to-face visit, or pharmacy process check, is an opportunity to contribute to the vitality and well-being of patients. Regina emphasizes that her team stands in the business of “giving away birthdays,” a metaphor for bringing hope, joy, and improved health to those they serve.

She underscores the pivotal part her team plays in reducing confusion surrounding benefit changes and specialty prescription discussions, both of which can be a cumbersome process for specialty medication patients. In call center operations, they connect with patients and work diligently to eliminate barriers to care. Navigating the complexities of specialty pharmacy-related issues, Regina’s team ensures patients have access to resources to help them understand their medications, payment options, and potential side effects, ultimately enhancing the overall experience of patients being served by Accredo.

The pursuit of greatness begins within

Regina takes pride in two internal programs at Accredo that allow her to stay involved with the professional development of her team and colleagues a senior leadership training program, where senior leaders can engage and learn from other executives across the organization, and another program aimed at developing high-performing mid-level managers into exceptional leaders. Both programs deeply reflect Regina’s dedication to empowering her team.

The self-attributed quote used in her mentorship serves as a testament to her career: “Validation is meant for parking, not for people.” Regina’s intent is to encourage others to recognize their intrinsic value, celebrate personal achievements, and continuously strive for success on their own terms… regardless of external validation.

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