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Accredo is creating better models of care for patients with chronic and complex conditions through our unique Therapeutic Resource Centers. Our patient care teams are staffed by pharmacists, registered nurses, pharmacy technicians, patient care representatives, and reimbursement specialists—each with therapy-specific training for a focused level of service. 

Customized to your individual therapeutic needs, our therapy management program covers the spectrum of care—from proactive monitoring of therapy to counseling you on effectively managing side effects. 

Individual counseling
For new prescriptions, Accredo pharmacists offer to counsel each patient (or caregiver) by telephone, explaining the medication, its storage requirements, adverse effects, precautions, dosing parameters, and instructions for use.

Regular follow-up and ongoing assessment
Our care team will contact you or your designated caregiver prior to each new and refill shipment to arrange delivery, to monitor therapy outcomes, and to encourage therapy adherence. 

We will also contact you throughout your therapy regimen to promote proper use of the medication and to help you manage any side effects you may experience.

Convenient delivery
Accredo will deliver to your preferred location—home, office, or clinic—as appropriate for administration.

24/7 clinical support
Our specialty-trained pharmacists and clinicians are available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you manage critical aspects of your care, no matter what time of day questions arise.

To get started now, contact an Accredo intake care representative at 1 888 608-9010. 


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