The role of a specialty pharmacy in enhancing patient access to rare and gene therapies

May 20, 2024
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The need for enhanced access in rare disease care

The journey to diagnosing and treating a patient with a rare condition is often long and uncertain. This is why manufacturers specializing in the development of rare, ultra-rare or gene therapies invest the time and resources to introduce treatments that could change patient lives for the better.

However, manufacturers face a myriad of challenges when bringing breakthrough therapies to market—primarily patient access. Addressing these obstacles and getting therapies into the hands of patients who desperately need them is an exceptional challenge for manufacturers to face alone.

That is why having the right strategic partner at launch of commercialization is critical to ensuring the best possible therapy outcomes and optimal patient access.

Choosing the right specialty pharmacy partner

In the rare disease space, the role of a specialty pharmacy must go well beyond logistics management, medication fulfillment and generalized patient care. The dynamics of a rapidly evolving care landscape and emerging developments in rare therapies simply demand more.

In this white paper, we cover four critical components in which the right specialty pharmacy partner can bring manufacturers the scale, expertise and capabilities needed to drive patient access and deliver impactful value for go-to-market strategies.

  1. Certified clinical excellence
  2. Customized patient access strategies
  3. Advanced storage and distribution capabilities
  4. Near-real time performance tracking and analytics

Not all specialty pharmacies are created equal

Download this white paper to learn why Accredo by Evernorth is the right strategic partner to assist manufacturers in driving the best possible outcomes for their rare and gene therapies.

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