GeneAXS™ Accelerates Patient Access to Gene Therapies

May 02, 2024

Highly specialized team combines the best of Accredo’s clinical expertise and industry knowledge.

Gene therapy patients require specialized support

Patients who are seeking a gene therapy treatment often require support extending beyond clinical needs that Accredo’s Therapeutic Resource Center® (TRC) model addresses. These patients require a team of people behind them that have a strong specialization in patient access and knowledge of how to speak to insurance companies about gene therapy clearance. Speed to therapy is critical and time matters throughout the entire process, until the patient has therapy in-hand.

Introducing GeneAXS

In response to this need, Accredo developed a specialized GeneAXS team (pronounced “gene access”) to manage patient access and coordination among prescribers and manufacturers for gene therapy treatments.

The GeneAXS team is a small sub-group within Accredo offering specialized support for patients needing access to gene therapies. It consists of insurance access experts whose main goal is to secure gene therapy coverage for patients. Oftentimes the team includes a program manager who will coordinate all communications both within Accredo and with the patients, prescriber, and manufacturer.

This team not only advocates for patients who need access to gene therapies, but also helps simplify the process of clearance and prior authorizations. From securing letters of agreement to negotiating contracts with payers, the GeneAXS team works diligently to ensure patients have access to life-changing treatments.

Works across all Therapeutic Resource Centers

Accredo’s TRC model stands out in the specialty pharmacy industry, representing a unique approach that underscores the deep clinical expertise of on-staff clinicians. With fifteen specialized TRCs, each equipped with its own team of specialty pharmacists, nurses, clinicians, and patient advocates, Accredo ensures a tailored approach to patient care within specific condition areas.

The GeneAXS team complements the existing TRC clinical infrastructure to enhance the overall value proposition. This strategic integration allows Accredo to provide specialized support for gene therapies while upholding the clinical excellence inherent in the TRC model. By leveraging the expertise of the TRC layered with the GeneAXS team, Accredo continues to elevate standards in patient care, ensuring optimal outcomes for individuals requiring complex treatment regimens.

Dedicated to ensuring patients have access to gene therapies

Just as our TRC clinicians focus on a specific condition, Accredo’s GeneAXS team problem-solves and creates a smoother experience, exclusively for gene therapy patients. This team leverages any of the Accredo TRCs clinical expertise when it comes to condition- or drug-specific clinical matters, but they are particularly focused on, and are intimately familiar with the nuances associated with gene therapy access, such as payer contracting, clearance, and customized patient services.

Learn more about each of the GeneAXS functions

Access drug-specific payment models through Accredo’s payer negotiation expertise, ensuring expedited processing for speed to therapy.

Benefit from a team focused on payer coverage, quick-turn prior authorizations, and streamlined billing processes.

Deep understanding and experience of handling extremely specific shipping conditions and temperatures, maintaining therapy integrity in transit to its destination for patient administration.

Encompasses comprehensive support from the TRC collaborating with the Hub to ensure effective communication to patients and prescribers, with targeted outreach strategies aimed at preventing overload and ensuring program success.

Quick access to the TRC for disease-specific questions during the clearance process, enhancing payer education on the clinical significance and necessity of approving a gene therapy while coordinating with prescribers to provide essential information required for insurance approval.

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