How to send a prescription renewal

You can complete and send your patient renewal to us four ways:

  • Rx Renewal Request (via EMR)
  • MyAccredoPatients
  • Electronic Referral
  • Fax
  • Phone

Rx Renewal Response (via EMR)

Accredo also supports electronic prescription renewal requests (called Rx Renewal) to complement our ePrescribing services.

If your office has RxRenewal enabled, no action is needed. Renewal requests from Accredo will be received via EMR system as opposed to fax requests. If your office has ePrescribing without RxRenewal, ask the EMR system administrator about enabling RxRenewal capabilities.

Certain therapies are not eligible for RxRenewal services at this time – therapies in these categories will continue to have renewals processed via fax from Accredo. In addition, certain therapies may not process as RxRenewal due to character length of certain fields, and will be processed via fax in those instances.

If you have questions about the RxRenewal process, please email us at

ePrescribe (via MyAccredoPatients)

Log In or Register

To ePrescribe using our prescriber website,

  1. Log in or register at MyAccredoPatients.com1
  2. Select “Electronic Referral” icon or navigate to Resources > iAssist
  3. You will be routed to iAssist, Accredo’s electronic referral service2 and be prompted to login or register
  4. Complete an ePA along with a new referral, or simply complete the prior authorization as as stand-along service if desired.

Electronic Referral

Send us an Electronic Referral.


Complete the prescription renewal form, download, sign, and fax to 808-650-6487


To renew prescriptions by phone, please call 808-650-6488

  • 1For help with our prescriber website, email <a href=""></a>
  • 2Please note, prescriptions for controlled substances may not be sent via or iAssist.