Patient Services from Accredo in Hawaii

We recognize that each patient is unique, and their care plan should be, too.

At Accredo, we provide the personalized care and service* your patients need to manage their specialty therapy. We help navigate insurance coverage and research copay assistance. We emphasize medication adherence for optimal outcomes. And we maintain an open line of communication with you and your patient to support your plan of care.

  • *Not all services are required by all patients
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Delivery to the place of administration

We’ll ship medications to the patient’s home or your office at no additional cost.** Patients can also pick up their medication at our Honolulu location and consult with a pharmacist.

  • **As allowable by law
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Adherence checks

Through counseling, personal support, and regular contact, we encourage our patients to adhere to their treatment regimen for the best possible results.

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Triage services

If we receive a referral and Accredo is not in the patient's pharmacy network, we will route the prescription to an in-network pharmacy. Then we will quickly inform your office or the clearinghouse to ensure your patient gets their specialty medication when they need it.

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Clinical counseling and support

Our pharmacists and registered nurses educate patients on how to use, store, and administer their medication. Patients can reach a pharmacist or nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also help patients manage medication side effects and set reasonable expectations for their therapy.

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Nutrition support

TherapEase Cuisine® is an oncology nutrition resource that offers credible information backed by scientific research and is offered to patients who use Accredo, a specialty pharmacy. To learn more, visit

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Onsite and In-home infusion services

Accredo in Hawaii provides onsite infusion services and personal care in our in-house infusion suite. If you and your patient prefer in-home infusion, we can connect you with one of our 550 field-based nurses in all 50 states plus working relationships with home health agencies. We'll research the patient’s benefits, provide the medication, and arrange for a nurse to make a home visit or onsite infusion.