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Accredo, your trusted partner in specialty pharmacy solutions.

Accredo My Care Connect℠: Unlock what’s possible.

You’ve invested time and resources creating therapies designed to improve the health of people who suffer from rare conditions. In fact, recent estimates put rare drug development investment somewhere between $314 million and $2.8 billion. Yet the barriers to launching drugs are high.

Accredo is the industry’s leading specialty pharmacy partner for exclusive distribution, limited distribution, rare and gene therapies. Your patients have unique needs and requirements. That’s why we’ve developed Accredo My Care Connect, the most customizable service model.

How does Accredo My Care Connect work?

Your dedicated team works with you to determine the best services for your patients:

  • From copay and financial services that provide better affordability to fulfillment services that protect product integrity, Accredo My Care Connect is an endlessly flexible, uniquely customizable model helping drive in-market success for your innovative products.
  • Working with a specialty pharmacy partner experienced in managing rare therapies, such as Accredo, helps reduce delays in the start of treatment.

Click the topics below to discover the wide range of services we offer to assist the pharmaceutical industry.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Portal

Our web-based portal provides real-time HIPAA-compliant patient insights for our pharmaceutical and HUB partners. Insights include prescription status, prior authorization updates, shipment information and renewal status. Sign up for the portal by contacting your account manager.

Prescriber Portal

Our prescriber portal, MyAccredoPatients.com, provides similar data and insights as the pharma portal, such as status of prescriptions and shipments and more, but for the prescriber audience. Prescribers and their office staff are also able to communicate with our teams via two-way chat, get Rx acknowledgments, and receive critical notifications about drug landscape changes.

Patient Digital Tools

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Your Accredo patients can enjoy the benefit of digital solutions to help get their medication when and where they need it, with the ability to refill by text as well as receive refill text reminders. By utilizing the Accredo website or Accredo app, patients are in control of their specialty pharmacy experience. These tools were designed with them in mind, by combining personalized clinical care with information and simple convenient tools.

  • Accredo Mobile App: Patients can manage their specialty medications on the go with the Accredo mobile app and even set up dose reminders to remember to take medication. Available via Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Text Reminders: Our specialty pharmacy texting program allows patients to receive prescription refill reminders, medication order updates and more all via text. For some eligible prescription medications patients can even order prescription refills by text.
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At Accredo, we prioritize affordability to ensure patients can afford and follow their prescribed treatment plan. During 2023, Accredo helped reduce financial burden by securing $3B in copay assistance for thousands of patients.

  • Prescribers rely on Accredo and our manufacturer partners for financial support programs, such as copay assistance and patient assistance programs, to help ease the financial burden for patients.
  • We provide various forms of financial assistance, including bridge programs and foundation support, that are crucial in ensuring patients can continue their therapy.
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The best specialty pharmacy partners for ultra-rare and complex therapies have experience navigating obstacles, provide comprehensive support for patients and prescribers, and have a collaborative and flexible approach.

  • Accredo is the leading specialty pharmacy partner for exclusive and limited distribution, rare and gene therapies, and other unique therapies. 29% of their rare disease therapies are exclusive, and an additional 45% are in limited distribution networks, higher than any other specialty pharmacy.
  • Accredo treats each drug and patient as a unique partnership, with a segmented rare disease therapeutic resource center and intensive training for clinicians. Our clinicians receive an additional 22+ hours of intensive condition state training annually on top of an already rigorous Accredo clinical training program.
  • Your patients and your innovative product have distinct needs and unique requirements. They deserve an unparalleled service model. For this reason, we developed the most customizable service model called Accredo My Care Connect to support you and your patients and their unique needs.

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Accredo specializes in complex program design and works closely with manufacturer HUBs on over 75% our rare disease programs. We have developed a Pharma HUB portal that provides up-to-date information on patient referrals to both pharma manufacturers and the HUB every 30 minutes. Our commitment is to proactively address any potential issues with prescribers and patients to minimize risks for our manufacturer partners.

Efficient communication between the specialty pharmacy and HUB facilitates faster service for patients and ensures access to critical resources. This leads to higher satisfaction and adherence to medication regimens among patients and prescribers, resulting in more referrals for critical therapies in the future.

Additionally, in some cases, Accredo can serve as a HUB itself. This arrangement can lower program costs overall and streamline the experience for patients and prescribers.

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Accredo provides manufacturers with real-time data through the pharmaceutical manufacturer portal, allowing them to track program performance, Accredo's performance, and a patient's journey to therapy. This data is customizable and accessible at any time.

Prescribers can also access reporting and analytics through the prescriber portal, MyAccredoPatients.com (MAP). MAP offers various reports including clinical data reporting, end-of-day reporting, annual clinical reporting, and can also handle ad hoc requests through prescriber support teams.

Patients can access their therapy-related records, such as therapy adherence, adverse events, and reorder status, through Accredo's digital solutions.

  • Accredo understands the need for tracking performance and the importance it has on continuous improvement. That’s why we track net promoter scores (NPS) for patients and prescribers.
  • For our highest-volume prescribers in the advanced therapies and rare business unit, satisfaction is 84%
  • When asked which specialty pharmacy one would use if they had no limitation on choice, 44% of prescribers chose Accredo’s Advanced Therapies & Rare Disease Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC).
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Accredo's extensive inventory management experience ensures less waste and cost savings by shipping and tracking medications according to contracted specifications.

Accredo's Rare Disease Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC) is a center of excellence with URAC accreditation, providing condition-specific care from highly trained experts to support patients and therapy. This accreditation assures manufacturers that Accredo delivers condition-specific care from highly trained experts to support their patients and therapy. Patients and prescribers have personalized access to pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, social workers and other patient support personnel through our Rare Disease TRC by phone or online web chat.

  • Over one-third of rare therapies require specialty temperature monitoring, and Accredo successfully delivered over 99% of those shipments without a temperature excursion.
  • Despite facing two hurricanes and one major winter weather event in 2022, Accredo was able to serve virtually all impacted patients within one day of the weather events.
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