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Accredo, your specialty pharmacy in Rare Therapies.

Leading the way in rare therapies for a brighter future

Accredo specializes in caring for rare diseases by providing access to unique therapies. With over 7,000 rare diseases, only 5% have a treatment available. 1 We understand that each patient and caregiver has their own experience and may have questions about treatment, payment, access, impact on quality of life, and tolerability. At Accredo, we take a flexible and customizable approach to meet the specific needs of patients, prescribers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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We are here to answer questions, help you access therapy quickly, set therapeutic goals with the support of your prescriber, and ultimately help you to live your best life. Get more details about how we care for and support our patients and caregivers.

We provide tools to easily refer, track and communicate with us digitally; we support benefits investigation and prior authorization; we partner with you and your staff to drive adherence to therapy, enhance patients’ quality of life and meet treatment goals. Learn more about the resources and support we offer our prescriber community.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
We utilize our years of experience in managing exclusive and limited distribution drugs to offer an innovative and consultative approach to guide, direct and support these life-saving therapies. Our tenured staff leverages their clinical expertise in rare disease to understand the complexities of each rare, gene therapy or other first-of-its-kind treatment and builds a tailored care model specific to that therapy’s unique needs, with distinctive service to surround the patient and caregiver with support. Learn more about how working with Accredo can improve the lives of those living with a rare condition.

Who we are as your Specialty Pharmacy

Accredo is a specialty pharmacy that serves patients with complex and chronic health conditions, including rare therapies, cancer, hepatitis C, HIV, bleeding disorders and multiple sclerosis. We understand the complexity of these conditions and treatments. Our specialty-trained pharmacists and nurses are available to provide personalized care to patients. Through Accredo’s 15 condition-specific Therapeutic Resource Centers (TRC) we deliver a level of expertise and care that is unmatched.