Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)

Accredo Wellbeing Watch®

Wellbeing Watch, made up of a team of Accredo Health Group licensed social workers, was developed because every patient’s whole health is our focus. Licensed social workers understand the need for supporting those living with PAH and their caregivers and focus on:

  • Supporting individuals experiencing depression and anxiety
  • Managing stress and uncertainty
  • Helping manage life with PAH
  • Identifying potential financial resources to assist patients with everyday expenses

PAH doesn’t affect just your physical health. Living with this disease might also put a strain on your — and your caregiver's — mental, emotional, social or even financial wellbeing.

We ask the right questions, offer the right support and ensure the right steps are taken to address patients’ and caregivers’ whole health.

Our goal is to help PAH patients reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety by addressing their clinical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This program is available at no additional cost to either patients or their insurance.

line drawing of an ear in a circle

We listen.

Simply having someone to talk to about what’s going on in your life can make a real difference in your emotional health and reduce the sense of isolation.

line drawing of a compass

We point the way.

Some individuals become anxious about how they will afford everyday expenses due to treatment costs. Our social workers can help find financial assistance.

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We make plans.

Our social workers help develop steps to take to accomplish health goals, stay on medication and much more.

For support, contact our team at: