Easy Fill

Automatically refill eligible medications

Easy Fill is Accredo's newest texting program allowing patients to automatically refill eligible medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be on multiple Easy Fill medications?

Yes, you can be on up to three Easy Fill eligible medications.

How do I sign up for Easy Fill?

You simply need to call us at 800-803-2523 and ask about Easy Fill. If eligible, you can verbally opt into the program.

What if I want to prevent an order from shipping?

You can simply reply “No” to stop Easy Fill from scheduling an order, and Accredo will call you to schedule your order. Please note, replying “Stop” will remove you from all Accredo texting programs.

What if I try to prevent an order from shipping but it’s already shipped?

If you reply “No” and the order has potentially already shipped, we will send you a text to review your options.

How do I unenroll from Easy Fill?

Simply reply “U” to unenroll from Easy Fill. You will still continue to receive text updates, but no further Easy Fill texts will be sent.

How do I opt out of all texts?

Reply “Stop” to no longer receive text from Accredo. You can enroll again at anytime by replying “Unstop” or “Start”.

What if I respond with something Easy Fill does not understand?

Easy Fill will trigger a “Pardon Me” response, which will provide you with guidance on acceptable responses.

What if I am on Refill by Text and Easy Fill?

You will receive an Easy Fill text instead of a Refill By Text.