Lung Cancer


What is Lung Cancer

Lung cancer occurs when cells in the lung grow out of control forming a tumor. Lung cancer is broken out into two main subtypes, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC, the most common type) and small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Types of NSCLC cancer include adenocarcinoma, large cell, and squamous cell carcinoma. In lung cancer, especially NSCLC, genetic changes are common and influence what type of treatment is used. Some of these genetic changes include mutations in EGFR, ALK and KRAS genes. Treatment options may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy and immunotherapy.1

How common is Lung Cancer

In 2023, as many as 238,340 new cases of lung cancer will be diagnosed in the US, including 117,550 in men and 120,790 in women. 80-85% of all lung cancers are non-small cell lung cancer.2 3

Find Support

There are many organizations that support research and advocacy for cancer. See below for a few of those organizations

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