Biosimilars and Interchangeability

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Over 40 biosimilars have been approved over the last eight years, and use is increasing. As a leader in specialty pharmacy, Accredo has access to many available biosimilars. With the expertise and knowledge about these market-changing therapies, including interchangeable biosimilars, prescribers can trust Accredo to provide the care and support their patients need.

About biosimilar medications:

  • They’re highly similar to the original biologic product/medication and have no clinically meaningful differences.
  • Biosimilar medications are FDA-approved. The FDA only approves a biosimilar if there aren’t any significant differences in safety and effectiveness between the two products. 1
  • Biosimilars work the same way as the original biologic reference product by creating a similar response in your body.
  • They are taken the same way and may have similar possible side effects.
  • Biosimilars are not a new concept and have been available and used successfully for years. Some examples of biologics are insulin, hormones and vaccines.
  • Biosimilars may be more cost effective for you and provide greater access to biologic and biosimilar treatment options. When there is more than one medication available to treat a condition, pricing usually becomes more competitive.

About interchangeable medications and what to expect:

Biosimilars work the same as their brand-name version. In some cases, brand-name medications can be changed for a biosimilar by a pharmacist,2 if the biosimilar is approved as an interchangeable. If you are taking a medication that has a biosimilar option, your pharmacy may dispense the biosimilar:

  • If state regulations allow
  • Prescriber has allowed a substitution
  • Covered by insurance

Accredo will also provide options that can reduce your medication out of pocket costs. While you may see the name of the original medication initially on your prescription, the biosimilar name will appear once the substitution takes place.

Taking a biosimilar can be helpful if:

  • The biosimilar costs less than the biologic.
  • Your insurance only covers the biosimilar.

In any case, you can be sure that the biosimilar will work just like the reference biologic.

We're here to help you.

Biosimilars are a newer type of drug that can help increase access and lower costs. Accredo will inform you if a biosimilar is available and offer assistance in evaluating available options, including access to a pharmacist specially trained to handle your medication needs. Our clinical staff is available for support 24/7. If you have any questions, call Accredo at 800-803-2523.

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