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Adherence & Persistency

Accredo has developed focused programs for each product to achieve optimal outcomes in reaching adherence and persistency goals. We provide initial counseling sessions, ongoing support, educational materials, self-injection and infusion training, lifestyle management, and regular patient contact. Such efforts help forge brand loyalty and improve adherence and persistency. We tailor programs to further enhance outcomes.

Counseling before initial shipment. Prior to the first shipment, a pharmacist offers to counsel the patient on reasonable expectations for therapy, as well as administration and storage protocols.

Refill reminder calls. The pharmacy team proactively calls the patient to schedule the next shipment and confirm that the medication is being taken as prescribed. If problems are detected, we intervene to assess adherence barriers, such as dosing, administration techniques, and other possible causes.

Local nursing support. With more than 30 branch pharmacies and a nationwide network of nurses, we can provide regional clinical support. We also offer hospital-discharge training which allows patients to be discharged sooner and to continue their therapy at home. In-home training provides an opportunity for the nurse to show the patient how to integrate the therapy into his or her daily life, as well as to educate family members on administration and adherence issues.

Communication with the physician. Regular communication with physician offices means more coordinated care for patients. Our teams provide regular updates to physicians, alerting them to adherence issues, adverse events, and other anomalies.

Utilization reports. Each month, Accredo Therapeutic Resource Center teams meet to review key indicators of therapy adherence. Together, they examine trends and demographics to develop educational programs and literature.

Reimbursement support. Our teams are knowledgeable about the major adherence barriers, including affordability concerns. Our reimbursement teams are trained in determining financial barriers and help combat this problem by applying all options for insurance coverage and financial assistance.

Educational materials. We provide literature to patients, not only to educate them about their therapy, but also to help them avoid pitfalls that may lead to non-adherence.

Testing reminders. If testing is required before therapy can begin, we will help the patient understand why this step is important.


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