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Specialty Distribution

CuraScript SD Specialty Drug Distribution provides integrated delivery solutions for the safe and efficient distribution of specialty pharmaceuticals and associated medical supplies. With an expertise honed by more than 25 years in the Specialty Distribution business, CuraScript SD supplies biologics, branded drugs, generics, vaccines, infused medications and ancillary supportive care products for office or clinic administration to a wide range of medical providers, including physicians, infusion centers, acute care treatment centers and long-term care facilities.

Rare Disease Specialty Distribution Program

Leveraging the synergies of our specialty drug distribution operations, CuraScript SD Specialty Distribution has assumed managerial responsibility for the rare and orphan drug distribution operations of Accredo Health Group Inc. wholesale drug distribution, located in Memphis, TN. This unique service model specializes in providing customized end-to-end distribution services to the hospital, healthcare provider or authorized specialty pharmacy to meet the unique needs of these products with small patient populations.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Express Scripts (ESI), CuraScript SD complements the services of its ESI sister companies, Accredo and UBC, by offering healthcare practitioners seamless access to essential therapies and customized business solutions which enhance practice efficiency, while at the same time affording pharmaceutical manufacturers a reliable, cost-effective advocate and resource within the distribution space.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs
Curascript SD is able to offer a customized solution to meet your needs, including:

  • Diverse product portfolio
  • Nationwide distribution
  • Contract Pricing Assurance
  • Personal Account Managers
  • Convenient Ordering Options
  • Authorized GPO Supplier
  • Flexible Shipping Options

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