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Electronic prescribing, often referred to as ePrescribing, allows healthcare professionals to submit prescriptions to pharmacies electronically through an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

ePrescribing increases the speed, ease, safety and accuracy of submitting a prescription, reducing the number of faxes and paper waste.

ePrescriptions can be submitted to Accredo at the electronic directory listing below, where they will be routed to the appropriate Specialty team for dispensing. Please ensure your ePrescribing directory is set up with this Accredo listing (our corporate listing) for ALL ePrescriptions submitted to Accredo Specialty Pharmacy.

1640 Century Center Parkway
Memphis, TN 38134
NCPDP ID: 4436920

ePrescrbing and Verbal Prescriptions for Growth Hormone - Accredo HGH Certification Required

  • Please fill out the form above and fax to Accredo at the number on the form.
  • This form is required for e-Prescribed, verbal, or non SMN-containing prescription formats for somatropin products, Increlex® and Egrifta® upon first fill for these drugs.
  • The HGH Prescriber Certification form is patient and prescriber specific. Refills authorized by a different prescriber will require a signed form from that prescriber.


Accredo also supports electronic prescription renewals (“eRenewals”) to complement our ePrescribing services.

  • For offices with eRenewals enabled, no action is needed. Renewal requests from Accredo will be received via EMR system as opposed to fax requests.
  • For offices with ePrescribing who do not currently use eRenewals, ask the EMR system administrator about enabling eRenewal capabilities.
  • Certain therapies are not eligible for eRenewal services at this time - therapies in these categories will continue to have renewals processed via Fax from Accredo. In addition, certain therapies may not process as eRenewal due to character length of certain fields, and will be processed via fax in those instances.
    Click here for a listing of eRenewal excluded Therapies.

For difficulties or questions about the ePrescribing or eRenewal process, please email us at ePrescribing@accredo.com.


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